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The Nicholas Roerich Museum
3 - 5, Maly Znamenskii Peryulok
+7 499 271-34-23
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The museum was established according to the USSR Council of Ministers’ resolution No.950 of 04/11/1989 on the initiative of S.N. Roerich, who donated to Russia the heritage of E.I. and N.K. Roericks in order to create the Public museum of N.K. Roerich.

The museum exposition includes a collection of paintings by E.I. and N.K. Roericks, photos, documents and manuscripts of the family archive, antiquities, books and belonings, that keep their great owners' memory. Unique thankas (buddhist icons on fabric), rare bronze collections and books are among the exhibited items. The items on the first international agreement on cultural property protection, Roerich's Pact, are placed in the section "Banner of piece".

The ideas of Living Ethics form the basis of the Roerichs' heritage. It is a philisophy of cosmic reality that reveals close interrelation between the man and the Cosmos.

The International Centre of the Roerichs and the Museum by name of Nicholas Roerich were established on the initiative of Svetoslav Roerich, younger son of Nicholas and Helena Roerichs. In 1989 Svetoslav Roerich brought from India and donated to Russia an invaluable heritage of his parents establishing the Soviet Roerich Fund (The International Centre of the Roerichs)