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Tsar-pushka (King cannon)
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Tsar-pushka, installed at present at the west side of Ivanovskaya square between the bell-tower of Ivan the Great and the church of Twelve Apostles resembles the most distinguished piece of Russian arms work.  It was made upon the command of Tsar Fiodor Ivanovich in 1586 by the Court architect foundry man Andrey Chokhov at the Moscow Cannon Yard. For its caliber of 890mm it is considered the largest cannon in the world hence bears the name Tsar-cannon. Its weight approximates 40 tons. Bronze barrel of the cannon is decorated with foundry of figured friso, ornament bandelets, commemorative inscriptions and equestrian figure of Tsar Fiodor Ivanovich.  

Tsar-cannon's structure fits it in the row of military weapons, however some aspects of its construction does not allow to reckon it with any known type of artillery weapons. Old documents refer to it as a "Shotgun". This together with barrel structure allow to assume that the cannon was supposed to fire with canister-shells. Historical circumstances didn't allow the cannon to take part in military actions. Four cannonballs forming a pyramid at its foot are decorative and hollow inside. They were forged of cast-iron together with the gun-carriage in 1835 at Baird's factory in Saint-Petersburg.