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Stolovaya (canteen) 57
Krasnaya sq, 3, GUM, 3rd line, 3rd floor
+7 (495) 620-31-29
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Soviet food industry: a place to take a foreigner or to have a meal in Moscow center at a low price

There are restaurants, pubs and cafes that fit every taste in the GUM located in the very heart of the capital, but it’s difficult to consider them cheap as much as one would like to. The only two exceptions among the Bosco fancy food outlets are café “Festivalnoye” and Stolovaya (Canteen) 57, casting nostalgic citizens’ mind back at the time when the oldest store was the symbol of soviet shopping. It was the only place where it was possible to “pick up” or to “pull off” diiferent types of hard-to-find items. There’s no more deficit (except for cash flow constraints maybe), but the décor, the menu and the prices of soviet canteen of GUM are successfully recreated.

If you got hungry when promenading the Red Square and you don’t want to go down to the “Okhotny riad” shopping center to have a fast-food meal, it’s better to find the Stolovaya (Canteen) 57 on the third floor (from the side of Ilyinka street) of the third line of the GUM. All classic dishes such as soup, salad, second course, baked pudding are served here. “And what about compot?” – you will ask. Of course, and the compot as well.

It’s located on the third floor on the last line. There weretimes when there were long queues there. One had to wait about 20 minutes. The number of tables was not sufficient . You feel foolish having bought your meal hurrying and scurrying  about the room with a tray looking for a place to sit. The prices are quite reasonable, taking into consideration that it is located in the GUM. The quality of the food is also very good. Italian, Asian, Oriental, Japanese cuisine are served.

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day. 10.00-22.00