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Muzeon park
Krymsky val street, 2
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The Muzeon is the place for creative people. Here they regularly hold exhibitions of artists, music festivals and video performances. Visitors often come here for inspiration and new ideas. There are many small restaurants and food stalls. An amazing fountain consisting of numerous springs and randomly gashing out of the earth is a favorite entertainment for children as well as adults, especially in hot weather. Artists of all styles exhibit their works at a specially organized exhibition. Here you can find works of famous contemporary masters as well as of newcomers.

The Muzeon park is the largest open air museum of sculpture, creative workshop of bold ideas, center of actual art, music and cinema and comfort green area in the very center of Moscow.

The Muzeon’s collection includes more than 1000 monuments of famous sculptors.

Exhibitions of contemporary art, educational projects in design, concerts of popular musicians, demonstrations of international cinema festivals’ programs, gastronomic, book and theatre festivals regularly take place here.

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