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Manezh Square
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There was no square here at all up to 1930s. Only a street market, through which alleys concourse. The two main alleys weren’t exactly named to attract business – being called Objorny (refreshment) Alley and Loskutny (rag fair) Lane. Eventually the city authorities took steps to clear the clutter, and an open space appeared in front of the Manezh, which was named the Manezh Square.

Until 1990s main roads ran across the square jammed with traffic creating a gloomy outlook. For the city’s 850th anniversary the Mayor’s Office decided to put a trading centre back at the capital’s heart – there was in fact no place for decent shopping in the  neighborhood. The new shopping complex including restaurants and cafes is formed into a terrace, and extends for another three levels down (theirs pretentious names of “the eighteenth century”, “the seventeenth century” etc. were instantly forgotten by the visitors).

Open until late evening the Manezh Underground Shopping Centre is always crowded with shoppers and people just hanging out in the cafes and bars. The centre contains outlets of many major international brands. The outdoor part of the complex is attractively illuminated in the evenings.

You can see some unusual fountains on the lower terrace of the Manezh Square in the area closer to the Manezh itself. They spray directly on the Manezh Centre's dome. They are arranged symmetrically – the bigger one in the center and two smaller ones by each side.