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The Leo Tolstoy museum
11/8, Prechistenka str.
+7 495 637-74-10
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The State Leo Tolstoy State Museum is a complex of museums, dedicated to the writer.  It is a unique depository of a handwritten heritage of L.N. Tolstoy -  document, graphic, memorial, bookish materials connected with Leo Tolstoy's life and work. ; The museum is a world-famous centre of studying of Leo Tolstoy's handwritten heritage, a first-rate scientific institution.

    Expositions of the head museum and its branches in Moscow:

    Prechistenka 11/8. General subject of its literary expositions reveals character of Tolstoy as a person, a writer, a literary artist, a thinker. The name of the current exposition is "The Earth and the sky of Leo Tolstoy". Valuable collections are exhibited in 8 halls of the mansion. Paintings, graphics, sculptures, photos, items of the epoch, Leo Tolstoy's lifetime publications are featured there. Visitors can feel the atmosphere of the previous century (old portraits, engravings, personal items of Tolstoy's family that create a special aura) and look in the creative laboratory of the writer.

    Leo Tolstoy's street, 21. The Memorial museum is a unique monument of history and everyday life of the beginning of the 19th century (5208 items). It was opened for the visitors on November 20th, 1921. Leo Tolstoy and his family lived at the "Hamovniki" estate from 1882 till 1921. The general theme of the exposition is life of Leo Tolstoy in Moscow.

    Piatnitskaya street, 12. Materials from the museum collections are periodically exhibited at the head museum.

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