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Historical Museum
Red Square, 1
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The redbrick building capped with twin turrets is the State History Museum. Standing in front of the museum is a statue of legendary soviet-era military leader Marshall Zhukov, astride a horse.

Look carefully at the exterior decoration of the Museum – the architect has not attempted to harmonise it with the rest of Red Square, but instead taken his inspiration from Old-Russian village architecture. The founders of the Museum were intent that it should reflect the central periods of Russian history, and that the building itself ought to reflect the origins of that history.

The building you see now in front of you was the prizewinner in a competition held to find the most appropriate design – won by the engineer/architect team of Semionov and Shervud. The astonishing decoration of the museums great halls was executed by Russian artists such as Aivazovsky, Vasnetsov and Semiradsky.

The opening of the State History Museum was arranged to coincide with the coronation of Emperor Alexander III, father of the last Tsar Nicholas II. The Royal family endowed the museum with its own vast collections of ceremonial, religious and historical artifacts. The museum is the largest in the world devoted to Russian history. There is a café, and a gift shop.

Open Time: 
Daily (excl. Fri, Sat) 10-18 hr, oth 11-21 hr.
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300 R