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Godunov" original Russian restaurant in the centre of the Moscow.

In old reflectors of 17 century where restaurant is situated,disigners tried the maximum retain the style of antiquity.

The visitors of the restaurant of Russian causine "Godunov"get in a magnificent,truly imperial mansion.

Here and gilded ceelings,decorated with impaccable ornament and the real oak tables and chairs arty-carved.Even the bar is presented in the form of a fairytale tower.

The painting of the walls one-to-one simulates the finishing of boyars chambers in Russia.

Restaurant in the centre of Moscow is established in the folk-style and fully meet him.Here are even native Russian suits for waiters.The musical accomponiment is a performance of the ensamble performing Russian folk songs and beside it you can enjoy the touching jipsy romances.

Choosing restaurant for the wedding stop to this,here is everything the solemn day became unforgettable.

Russian cuisine restaurant it is three original halls all of which are designed in a particular colour.Interior items and utensils in "red","green" and "yellow" rooms corespondto a given colour and create a unique atmosphere of coriness and warmth.Decorated with intricate painting which has been alredy lasting for more than 400 years,the low ceilings are presented in the form of domes,which gives the room a special flavor.

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