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Cathedral of the Holy image of the Saviour in the Zaiconospassky monastery
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"The Holy Image of the Savior on the Sacred street” was the name of Nikolskaya street in the old days. Even before the Mongol Yoke it was en route from Moscow to Vladimir, Rostov and Suzdal and later became part of the road to the Holy Trinity monastery. Nikolskaya street was called "the Sacred street" because of the abundance of its churches, monasteries and chapels, although it was situated in the center of trading place. Merchants' rows took up a lot of Kitai-Gorod. There was a special Icon row, where according to pious Orthodox tradition, icons were "bartered" for solid "fair price", though often too high, without haggling. When in 1534 the wall of Kitai-Gorod was built, the street segment within the wall became known as Nikolskaya street. This name is first mentioned in records of 1547, when Czar Ivan the Terrible was coronated. The street received  its name from the ancient monastery of St. Nicholas that was founded in the XIV century and turned to the Monastery of Our Savior, which in the old days was called "the one at the oath making place of St. Nicholas". The chapel of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker was also situated at the oath making place of St. Nicholas. There participants in judicial proceedings swore in moot cases: to prove the case litigants kissed the cross and the image of St. Nicholas. Before that moment these issues used to be decided in trials by battles with cudgels: "he who vanquishes is right". The custom was inhibited in 1556 at the insistence of the Church.