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Bosco Cafe
Krasnaya sq, 3
+7 495-6203182
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BOSCO Café is a fine dining Italian restaurant with club atmosphere. Here you can meet with your friends, have fun and drink champagne. Wine selection is excellent, and pasta is the best in the city.

Every day there is live music, and popular Italian melodies are always performed.

Should you come here with friends or family over the weekend, definitely reserve a table in advance, as too many are willing to spend an Italian evening on the Red Square. By the way, the cafe veranda with stunning views of the Kremlin is open all year round. It’s cool inhere during summer and in winter there are comforting heaters inside it. So many regular customers happy to celebrate the New year in BOSCO Café.

Here you can not only have a good meal, but also talk to the restaurant's chef David Corso. He speaks both Italian and Russian.

Open Time: 
09:00-24:00 dayly