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Borovitskaya square
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Borovitskaya square neighbors on the Borovitskaya tower of the Kremlin. That’s where the name of the square comes from. Till 1956 the area was called by another name, the square of the Borovitskye gates (Borovitskikh vorot).

In the middle ages there was a bridge over the Neglinka river that flowed along the Kremlin walls. The bridge connected the exit of the Borovitskaya tower to the Znamenka street.

A house belonging to the Duke Ivan Y. Patrikeev was located near the bridge at the beginning of the street. The mansion was demolished in 1493 by decree of Duke Ivan III because of the decision to construct firebreaks 110 fathoms wide (equal to 234,3 meters in total) around the Kremlin walls.

During the rule of Ivan IV the Terrible the Pharmaceutical garden was created on this territory between the Troitskiye and the Borovitskye gates of the Kremlin. The Streletskaya Sloboda.(the Marksmen or Archers village) began to spring not far from this area already in the XVI century.

After in 1699 the village of Royal Archers was abolished, its lands were transferred into private hands. So, the yards of Nikita Zotov and Afanasy Viazemsky appeared near the Borovitskye gates.

In the last quarter of the XVIII century the area of the present Borovitskaya square was full of dozens of stores and private yards, which mostly belonged to the clergy of the Kremlin churches.

The square as it is today was established after the reconstruction (demolition of houses) of the Znamenka and the Mokhovaya streets in 1938 and 1972 respectively.

The modern Borovitskaya square represents a busy transport junction.