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Big Kremlin Park
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The territory opened not so long ago for visitors was expanded by addition of the upper part of the Tainitsky garden, where the Great Kremlin Square is located. It was founded in the 30's and 40's on the site where the military parade ground facing the southern half of the Ivanovskaya square was located. It was here where in the 1890s a monument to the Emperor Alexander II was erected, which was destroyed in 1918. In the 60’s a monument to Lenin was unveiled on the territory of the square and also demolished in 1995. Now the Great Kremlin Square is a place for recreation of Moscovites and guests of the capital. It is singularly beautiful here in the late spring, when the apple trees are blooming, and a lot of tulips are blossoming on the flower beds. In addition to well-kept flower beds and fruit trees, there is a bronze fountain in the depths of the square in the form of a peacock in a blossoming flower surrounded by small fountains.

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