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Amusement Palace
Kremlin, Troitskaya PL.
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The Amusement Palace is located against the Kremlin’s western wall. It is situated between the Commandant and the Trinity Towers on Dvortsovaya street. It was built in 1651 for boyar Ilya Miloslavsky, father-in-law of czar Alexei Mikhailovich, as a residence palace. The building exemplifies a boyar mansion, the only one which is extant.

 After the death of Miloslavsky, the palace went to the state. It was then used as a theatre. The plays in the theatre were performed to amuse the czar's family and his court. Hence the name of the Amusement Palace is derived.

During the regimen of Peter the Great the Palace housed the Police Department. In the 19th century the Commandant of Moscow used it for his residence. The Palace was restored in 2002-2004, including the original decor of its facade and the one of the Church of Glorification of Our Lady.

A strip between the vallum and the maintenance building of the сzar's residence draw the planning solution of the Miloslavsky's mansion.The building itself was placed in the center of the piece of land with courtyards of honor and maintenance from south and north respectively. Almost full-squared building was planned with archway between both courtyards. The front stairs that looks to the south courtyard closes the annex, built L-shaped to the Palace.