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Alexandrovsky garden (Garden of Alexander).
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This is one of the most interesting places with the possibility of a very close inspecting and touching the ancient Kremlin walls. The Alexander garden is located in the very heart of Moscow near the Kremlin. It is established in 1812 after the victory over the French army. Since its creation this cozy park became popular among the tourists and the Muscovites. Exhibitions, outdoor concerts, dance evenings and other activities entertained the visitors.

Five years after the victory of Russia in the Patriotic war of 1812 the Central Exhibition hall called Manezh was constructed upon the project of Augustin de Betancourt. Later during the period from 1824 till 1825 they added the empire facades designed by the famous architect Osip Bové.  Initially the Manezh hosted military parades, exhibitions and folk festivals. A concert by French composer Berlioz took place here in 1867. The orchestra and the ensemble numbered more than 700 persons 12 000 people audience.

This is here where the most famous memorial commemorated to those who perished in the Great Patriotic war, a Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with the Eternal light, is located. Today this place attracts all the tourists visiting Moscow. It is the most usual place to start a walking tour around the White-Stoned City.

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